Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Best Friend is an AWESOME Designer!

I want to share with you my friend, Pam, who I think is extraordinary. She is extraordinary because she is an overcomer. Life has given her some really bad breaks but she has never been one to give up or to fold; she has kept her eyes on the prize!

She is also extraordinary because she is a self-taught designer. She has made a wonderful living for herself and her children when the chips were down by using her God given talent and in turn given all the Glory to Him! Following photos will show you a small part of what she can do and I promise to show you more when I take some more pictures (of her own fabulous home too).

She is also extraordinary because she has been a friend when I really needed a friend!

She listens, she cries with me, she gives excellent advice and shares of herself in ways that I cannot explain. "A friend loves at all times"..........Aren't I so blessed to have such a friend?

Now for a peek at her extraordinary talent !.......The first pictures are of a house she recently did for a friend. It was a total renovation of an older home and she was project manager from the ground up!......It is so fabulous and definately should be featured in Southern Accents for sure.

The second set of photos are of a home she did for a local magazine and she was asked to handle the project without fees and with a very restricted budget. She said she would not do that again, but the finished product was wonderful in spite of the restrictions financially.

As usual, these photos do not show just how gorgeous these rooms are, but you get the idea!

This is a diningroom done for a magazine showhouse......she had limited funds for the project and wasn't paid for her services, so I thought this was great!

The main room with antique wooden clock! So good looking!
Breakfast room overlooking the waterway....beautiful view!
The Twin bedroom with iron beds and plaid coverlets....
Loved this wall grouping.......
Hope you have enjoyed my cameo of my precious friend..........there will be more about her in the future........I promise!


Joyce said...

Your friend has beautiful taste not only in decorating but in friends too(smile)!!!
I love all of the bedrooms!
Thanks for sharing!

Cote de Texas said...

wow - I especially love that peach french bedroom!! very talented. Mimilee - do you have a store? I didn't know that. web site?

Honey Mommy said...

She does great work.
I would have her do my house, but that would be one of those very low paying gigs.

pve design said...

Those that have suffered see the world differently.
She certainly has a gift for the midas touch.
Her work has an old world order for a new troubled world. We" all" would love to come home to that.

MIMILEE said...

THANK you Joyce for the friend comment! So sweet!

No, Joni, I do not have a store, but have ALWAYS wanted one!

Honey mommy, I would love her to do my house, too, but we decided too long ago that it might ruin our friendship! LOL

I agree with your comments, pve true!

Ms. Tee said...

Oh, I'm in love with the bedroom that has the red checked curtains. So pretty. :) Your friend did a a great job!

Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely rooms! She does WONDERFUL work!
BTW... virtual cake won't add any lbs... it's calorie FREE! :)

Judy said...

Mimilee: Thanks for visiting my blog. Yipee! I'm MiMi too and a big Auburn fan! Are you going to the Auburn-LSU game this weekend? Our family is so if you're going to be there, e-mail me and I'll give you my cell number....maybe we can meet.

Your friend (and you) are very talented ladies. I'm so-o-o jealous that you met Charles Faudree...he's one of my favorite decorators but I think Mary Carol Garrity is my most favorite (is that correct english?).

Anyway, I'm adding your blog to my roll.

So nice to meet you and W-A-A-A-R EAGLE!


Susie Harris said...

Wow.. I love your friend too! Very nice taste you both have..sweet smiles you way. Tell your friend hi for me~

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

What a wonderful home and friend! I love all the rooms, makes me envious! Wish I could redo everything to look like hers!

Friends of my son go to Auburn, so if Ole Miss can't win, or Auburn is playing a SEC rival...we cheer for Auburn! Such a beautiful campus!

Leaning on Him said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, you were a ray of sunshine! I will blog again soon...

Love the design!

Lavinia said...

These are lovely; your friend is amazingly talented. She has a remarkable eye.