Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is this Ethical?

Because I was having a very stressful day, I decided to get out the ole paints and brushes and a canvas I had on hand and do something creative!.......So this is what I did. I copied a painting by the French artist, Cezanne, and my question to you that ETHICAL or is it Legal??? I won't be selling it that is for sure and now have it framed and on the wall in the breakfast room......It's not a perfect copy; in fact, it is pretty imperfect as far as I am concerned. I told my sister, who is a wonderful artist, not to laugh at my attempt and she said, "Why would I laugh?".....and then she called it a LEEzanne!...pretty clever little sis she is!
Lazy Sunday afternoon watching GUSTAV approach the Gulf.......stay safe all and God Bless AMerica!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hey everybody!

I am back to blogging. To be honest, I did not understand what I was doing, so I have done some research and visited many other blog sites and maybe now I can really get into this new world of blogging! I hope so. It will be a fun adventure anyway.
Quote for the Day: WAITING ON GOD BRINGS US TO THE END OF OUR JOURNEY MUCH FASTER THAN OUR FEET!.........Don't cha just love it! If we could only learn to wait on the Lord and not be in such a hurry!

I have had a fun morning with my newest toy! A Panosonic vacuum cleaner! Boy, does it do the trick with all the pet fur I have around here! That's 3 cats and one really furry doggie!

Got to run and gets some errands done..............Hubby is away so I guess this little mouse will play! Ha Ha!