Sunday, September 21, 2008


My beautiful granddaughter, elizabeth, turned six years old and we celebrated at CHUCKIE CHEESE!! What fun! Lizzie as we often call her was 'beside herself' to say the least! Her little friends were too.......what "kiddie heaven" this PLACE is for sure! FUN,FUN,FUN!!!............and the thing about it, I think MIMI had the most fun of all!


Brenda said...

Thanks for coming by and your right. We almost got our butts whipped. Stupid mistakes and hurt men helped LSU alot.
I bet you did have fun shopping. My GD and I have add a business named 2shopuholiks since she was a baby because I had her all the time and she can sure find a bargain =)
Nive to meet you,Brenda

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday Lizzie!! I hope your day was as golden as you!!

Oh...I remember going to the famous Chuckie Cheese when my nieces and nephews were younger. I always wondered who had the most fun them or me!!

Ms. Tee said...

Happy birthday to your granddaughter. :) Chuckie's place is kid heaven - we had several birthdays there over the years!

Lavinia said...

What a little cutie! Happy Birthday Greetings to little Lizzie!

Cote de Texas said...

Darling little girl your grandaughter.

and your sisters - y'all are all so cute!!!!!! Were there any brothers? And are there 5 girls or 4 girls? just wondering. I wish I had 4 sisters.

MIMILEE said...

Hey Joni,

Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments.

There are five girls and one boy in my family ....I am working on my new post about their visit over the weekend. We had a blast!

Thanks again!

Rodger said...

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