Sunday, May 24, 2009


Elizabeth with Matthew

McCartney with Alexis.

McCartney in the nursery with Alexis.
Elizabeth with Matthew in the nursery. Beaming I might add!

My lovely granddaughters, McCartney and Elizabeth, just spent 5 days with us while Mommy and Daddy took a much needed vacation. I wanted their stay with Mimi and Mackey to be a memorable one, but had no real idea about what we would do to make it that way! But, I really prayed about it and asked the Lord to be with us every step of the way. One day , we ventured to the downtown area to visit a shop that had children's clothes. That really didn't interest them though. Then I remembered that we had a DOLL SHOP and I asked if they would like to visit and see the dolls. They exclaimed , YES!!!......So off we went to "Little Faces Doll Shop." We were greeted by Terry Jennings, long time owner and operator of this charming shop. In the very back of the store is the "Nursery" where precious Lee Middleton babies are waiting for adoption. We were mesmerized by these life-like infants and immediately fell in love with them. Long story short, my two granddaughters became MOMMIES that day and could not have been prouder!! McCartney the eldest one, adopted a blue eyed baby girl and named her "Alexis Sophia" and Lizzie adopted a boy that has blue eyes like mommy's, and named him "Matthew Baker". And I became a Great Grandmother!! How about that??? What wonderful memories were made that day! Hopefully, these girls will keep them and treasure them in their hearts and tell their children one day about the day they became MOMMIES for the first time!