Friday, January 30, 2009

If Only..................

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How do I Love thee .....Let me count the ways...............When Elizabeth Barrett married Robert Browning her father disowned her. For ten years, Elizabeth wrote love letters to him seeking RECONCILIATION, but with no reply. Then one day a large box arrived in the mail from him. Excitedly, she opened it, only to find all of her letters to him UNOPENED and UNREAD!

Today we recognize Elizabeth's love letters as some of the most beautiful in all of classical English literature. The relationship with her father was never restored as far as we know even though Elizabeth diligently tried with all her HEART.

Elizabeth and Robert Browning had a long loving marriage in spite of her father's opposition and they bore one son, Pen,who never had any children of his own so that ended the BROWNING family tree.

Restoring relationships is NOT easy and requires DEATH TO ONESELF, obedience to GOD and love of others. It takes CHRISTLIKENESS.

If only Mr. Barrett had found in his heart to restore his relationship with his daughter , his life would have taken on a new dimension of JOYFULNESS instead of BITTERNESS.

How do I love thee? LET US ALL count the ways and be FORGIVING and less judgemental........................<><

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For the LOVE OF FLOWERS......

I adore FLOWERS and I love seeing them arranged into a work of art.........God was so creative and good to give us FLOWERS and I cannot imagine LIFE with them, can you??? The bad thing about FLOWERS is that they eventually wilt and die.....:( ! I have chosen some pictures of flower arrangements that I find so lovely and wanted to share them with you......

This is a must have book by Mark Held and Richard David of "Mark's Garden"...these talented men do their majic with flowers for the rich and famous and have really made a name for themselves.

A "Mark's Garden" party plush and beautiful!

Are these not to die for??? FABULOUS!

AND THESE have to be my favorites!!!

A simple but elegant bouquet by the ever so talented, Eddie Ross!

This arrangement sends me into such delight I can't stand it!

It is hard to beat white roses with greenery..................

"The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of God will stand FOREVER." Isaiah 40:8

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mount Vernon

I am a member of a wonderful organization , The Antiquarian Society, which I have found to be invaluable because of the knowledge I have gained in not only antiques but history. Today was our January luncheon meeting and what a treat it was because our speaker was Mr. George Terrell, a local historian and fabulous communicator. His topic today (of which he is gifted with many that he could have expounded on) was Mount Vernon. I thought I knew pretty much about this wonderful estate of our first President, George Washington, but obviously I didn't know much at all! This is the bedchamber where George died. This bed had to be specially made for him because of his 6'2" statue. His height was unusual in his day as most men were much shorter. This master suite was quite unusual in its day also because it featured "his and her walk-in closets"... Before his death, George, made it clear that he wanted to "lie in state" for at least 3 days to make sure he was actually DEAD and not just in a coma! That happened quite frequently back then and he had a horror of being BURIED ALIVE! He also wanted his "wrists cut" before he was laid in his final resting place JUST TO BE SURE again that he was DEAD!

If it had not been for The Ladies of Mt. Vernon in the late 19th Century, we may not have had Mount Vernon as it is today. These ladies formed their group to SAVE Mount Vernon because it seemed no one else cared about it's demise. So together they bought Mt. Vernon for $200,000!! That was mega bucks back then and was quite unbelievable that they were able do this! Thank you Ladies for your audacious foresight in preserving Mount Vernon!!

This is the back of Mount Vernon with it beautiful view of the Potomac.

Mount Vernon as it is today. Of course, George renovated it and added on two wings and the Palladian window on the end which was an unusual feature of the day.

The Library at Mount Vernon.......

George Washington was a wealthy man but a very humble man too............I am so proud that he was the "Father of our Country" ....our foundation is strong because of his leadership and his love of the United States of America. Thanks George!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I WISH........

Wish I may, I wish I might......As a little girl I did alot of daydreaming and often I would close me eyes really tight and make a WISH for a white pony. I always wanted the wishbone when Mother would fry chicken so I could make a WISH for my white PONY. I would pray at night for that WHITE PONY to be tied to a tree when I awoke in the morning. Sure enough , I would hop out of bed and run to the window to see if the PONY was there! Needless to say, I never got that WHITE PONY. But I learned a valuable lesson that I can see now as an adult. If I had gotten that greatly desired PONY there would have come with it, lots and lots of responsibilities. Of course as a child I did not take that into consideration. The old adage that says, "Be Careful what you WISH for!" is so true, isn't it?? Well, I have assembled a little WISH LIST below just for fun and I am wondering, WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR?....................

I wish........

I were by this pool sipping a drink!

I were back in Scotland for a visit!

I could sleep this soundly.

I had this view every morning!

I had these BLUE eyes.

I had this minimalistic lovely livingroom!

I had her GOLF SWING (and handicap)!

I had the talent to paint the SKY like this!

I had this trumeau or one similar.

I had more of this vintage crewel fabric.

THIS wish list,of course, is all in fun, because I am so very thankful for ALL I have and I certainly don't NEED one thing more. God has blessed me over and above all that I have ever expected or dreamed. He has blessed me with a wonderful family and friends and a great community where I have lived my entire life. My real WISH list would be that there would be PEACE in the hearts and lives of all mankind and HOPE and JOY and all the LOVE possible here on earth. And I know that that can only come from HIM who created us. Have a BLESSED day, my friends!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Child's Face......Samuel's That Is!

When I look at this picture of my precious grandson, Samuel Joshua, I have to wonder why there is so much HATE in this world. The old song that says "What the world needs now, is LOVE sweet LOVE" is so TRUE! The world needs LOVE allright, but not the kind of LOVE that Hollywood so often portrays. It needs AGAPE LOVE and it needs it NOW!!! Agape love is God's love which is a totally UNSELFISH love and most of ALL it is a SACRIFICIAL love. My question to you is.....Is this kind of LOVE in our WORLD attainable??? Of course it is!! And it starts with ME!! And it starts with YOU! TOGETHER we can DO IT!! Most of all, it is GOD's desire that we LOVE ONE ANOTHER and Bear one another's BURDENS. So that for me is REASON enough to perpetuate LOVE and CARING for OTHERS. What about YOU?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here it is!! The most- talented and so very sweet, Fifi has completed the painting of my granddaughter and I couldn't be happier with it! I think FIFI captured the playfulness and innocence of childhood in her painting of this little girl who is so very special to me. Don't you just love it??? This has brought me great JOY today and I cannot THANK Fifi enough for her generosity and kindness. I cannot wait to get this in a frame so I can enjoy it EVERYDAY! God Bless, Fifi, and THANK you again for making my DAY!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


DEO VOLENTE!! Translated this phrase means, GOD WILLING! This is my new motto for 2009 and I plan not to make any PLANS on my own but to WALK BY FAITH and ask HIM to direct my paths! What a comfort to know that HE HAS A PLAN and we are not to WORRY or FRET because HIS plan is PERFECT for us.

This morning in my daily devotional I read this which was written over 100 years ago: "I will ENJOY all things in GOD and God in ALL things and NOTHING in itself. So shall my JOYS neither CHANGE or PERISH. For, however the THINGS in themselves alter or FADE, yet He, in whom they are MINE, is ever like HIMSELF; CONSTANT AND EVERLASTING!" Bishop Hall. How AWESOME is that!

DEO VOLENTE!! Forever and ever, AMEN!! BLESSINGS to you all in 2009!