Saturday, November 15, 2008

SCOTLAND, sweet SCOTLAND.....Take me back!

St. Andrews historical cathedral and school courtyard

Castle in Edinburgh....

Loch Ness on a windy day......look closely and you might just see IT....the monster I mean........not my sweet hubby of 43 years!

One of the charming cafes in the were always gorgeous!!!

Lovely old manor house where we stayed.......boy, if these WALLS could TALK!!!

The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland.....awesome!

Bagpiper and friend on the streets of Edinburgh.

The four of us having a cozy dinner in Aberdeen......

The Guys relaxing and enjoying late afternoon cocktails in our lovely hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland on our way to the Highlands.......

Castle at Edinburgh, Scotland sightseeing............. my friend Nancy with my hubby!

View from the Castle at Edinburgh, Scotland.

Cemetary and ruins in St. Andrews, Scotland

Ruins of an old cathedral in St. Andrews

Manor House where we stayed in Inverness, Scotland. This is me with our bagpiper friend who came at sundown each evening........very nice legs! BTW.....Prince Charles also stayed here!

It is hard for me to believe that it has been two years that we took our wonderful trip to Scotland with our friends, the Thornells!.......What a grand time we had! Scotland has to be the most beautiful country in the World!

We began our adventure in Edinburgh and traveled up the east coast (with my hubby driving the treacherous roads and doing quite well) and then down the west coast seeing many SIGHTS in between.

Our trip through this lovely country included visits to Castles and farmlands to BREWERIES of SCOTCH (with tastings!). Loch Ness and St. Andrews golf course being some of the highlights. The Highlands had to be my favorite with lots of shopping and good eats!

We left SCOTLAND and headed to LONDON which was so fabulous. I will post photos of our adventures there at a later date.

Today is my BIRTHDAY and it has been fun going down memory lane and giving you a little peek into my SCOTTISH adventure!.........There is an old Scottish saying that goes, "A Highlander by the GRACE of GOD" and now that I have been there, I certainly agree!!!.......


Kellie Patton said...

Happy Birthday - I loved seeing the pictures - what a dreamy place - and I love seeing pictures of Nancy and Stanley also - just seeing them brings back lots of memories! Thanks for sharing!

MIMILEE said...

Thanks so much Kellie! We always have fun when we are with the Thornells......good long time friends cannot be beat!

Thanks for stopping by!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! I hope your day if full of wishes to come true! Your trip looked like it was a lot of fun!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What a fabulous trip. My son spent three months in Europe last year, including a week or so in Scotland. He enjoyed the trip immensely.

Bo said...

Hello and Happy Belated Birthday to you...this post is just now showing up on my bloglist even though it shows you posted it on Saturday. What a wonderful trip this must have been & now I want to go too! ;-) Bo

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Looks like it was a fabulous trip! Happy Birthday :)

Jaimee said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing all of your breathtaking photos. I hope to travel to Scotland one of these days!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to You!
Happy Belated Birthday to You!
Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Mimi!
Happy Belated Birthday to You!

Thanks so much for dropping by my nest, and I love yours!

Scotland Forever! I love Scotland so much and want to go back! These scenes are familiar and fun, and I can't tell you how I enjoy living vicariously through you on your trip. I bleed plaid! ;-)

My favorite picture is the piper with the dog. I loved how dogs were everywhere. My husband and a friend were playing golf at Royal Dornach (sp), and a Scotsman in a kilt who was elderly asked them if he could play through. They were panting and wheezing going uphill and down, and this man just sailed past as if he were going downhill on a steep uphill climb. LOL! And not only was he in a kilt, he had a collie with him.

I think we saw more Westies than any other dog the whole time we were there. So glad you had fun on your trip, and you got some great shots. We stayed in St. Andrews at a flat I found in a golf magazine (the lady was lovely who was letting it for her daughter), and we made day trips out from there. It really was a dream. Obviously you think so, too! :-)



P.S. The food was so fresh, and I loved all the fish and the soups. I even tried Haggis on a dare and managed to survive. ;-) It really wasn't that bad; it sounds far worse than it is.

Cote de Texas said...

Mimi - happy birthday to you!!!
we are twins almost - thanks for the well wishes yesterday.

I had a great time - hope you did too.

These pictures are so wonderful - make me want to go so bad!!!


Things That Inspire said...

Scotland is SO beautiful...I have not been in years, and this post makes we want to book a ticket for next summer!

I feel so at home in Scotland because there are so many redheads, and I come from a family of redheads. Did you notice this when you were over there?

Athenaeus said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do love Scotland, it's been a few years since my last trip and I'm chomping at the bit to get back. Looks like you all had a wonderful trip.